Two Things I Wish I Had Known When Buying Golf Clubs.

As I look back, I realize how silly I was while purchasing golf clubs. Had I known these things before, I would not have had to go through the embarrassing encounters I faced while thinking I was Tiger Woods.

  1. Try it before you buy it.

One common mistake beginners tend to make is that they purchase the golf clubs that appear most appealing to them. Golf clubs are way different than clothes as there is no such thing as sizes. Each club is adapted to serve a unique individual, and so make sure you’re selecting that club which you think will suit you best. Most sporting stores allow customers to try their clubs before purchasing along with guidance, so make sure you avail of that option.

  1. The more, the not so merrier

You do not need to purchase a full set of golf clubs to play golf. Having the essentials will make up for the most part. There is no purpose in keeping every set of iron in your bag if you will never feel the need to use it.

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