3 Greatest Golfers of All Time

Having a considerable amount of golfers around the globe who have performed remarkably well, only three may seem like a small number. However, these three golfers have made history with their exceptional skills and gained immense respect from countless fans.

  1. Tiger Woods

Call it beginner’s luck or years of practice, Woods made a huge name for himself among the top players in just a short span of time. He played the game in a better way than it is actually played and serves to be a huge inspiration to all aspiring golf players today.

  1. Jack Nicklaus

Nicklaus did not merely inspire his fans, but even his opponents by his physical strength and exceptional skills. It was his great knowledge and wisdom which allowed him to beat his opponents and prove himself as one of the most exquisite players of all time.

  1. Sam Snead

If perfection had to be visualized, it would be Sammy’s swing. It seemed as effortless as possible, stunning all the viewers and being an exemplary golfer for beginners. Sammy has also won more golf tournaments than any other player.

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